About Us

The Hip + Happen brand has set off on its business journey with a strict commitment to the principles of ethical manufacturing, sustainable fashion and zero waste. All fabrics and materials used on our collections are made of sustainable and recycled inputs. Our objective in establishing our brand was to reach out to a wider public in the fashion industry by enhancing the insight of sustainable fashion and raising awareness in the manufacturing and consumption of textile products. 


Sustainability is actually a transition to an ecologically and ethically conscious operation. Thus our intention is to leave a better world to the next generations. To this end, our objective is to become a pioneer in our industry and a role model to other manufacturers as an environmentally friendly manufacturer forever and to increase the number of consumers preferring natural fabrics and ethical manufacturing.     


We aim at raising sustainable fashion awareness by preserving the nature throughout the supply chain from the manufacturer to the ultimate consumer. We prioritize ensuring the naturality of each item we manufacture in the production cycle using manual labor, until it reaches the ultimate consumer. Being aware of our environmental footprint, we manufacture all our products at international standards by paying utmost attention to power and water efficient production principles, manufacturer welfare and utilization of natural raw materials.        


Because we know that there is no other planet out there like our World!