Why is Fast Fashion not Sustainable?

Rapidly growing with fast fashion approach, textiles are the second most polluting sectors in the world after the oil industry. From the chemicals used in the production of raw materials, to the fact that manufacturers work at very high hours at very low wages, and cheap products cause surplus consumption, it brings many negativities from A to Z.

Many companies trying to make more profit with cheap production, production quality and sensitivity to the environment are falling. In fact, by buying cheap and poor quality products, we are at the source of the many other negative environmental as global warming, air pollution, carbon emissions with our consumer demands.

With the ’Who made my clothes?’ campaign launched by Greenpeace, the conditions under which products produced more than needed in the fast fashion trend are questioned and companies are forced to be more transparent and ethical.

At this point, sustainable textile products are guiding. Because it adopts an understanding that minimizes environmental damage and maximizes social contribution at the level of human rights. Both a transparent company policy is followed and audits are carried out in every area from the use of raw materials to the labeling of products reaching the end user.

At the point that we reduce the pressure in nature, do not consume more than we need and make an ethical production, we move away from fast fashion, adopt the sustainable one.