What is sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion; covers ethical and sustainable production in the cycle from the farmer to the end user.

From the farmer's perspective, chemicals used in cotton production to remove insects and weeds spoil the chemistry of the soil on which it is grown, reduce biological diversity and greatly affect the health of the worker.

At this point, the brands that adopt sustainable fashion, BCI; (better cotton initiative) produces cotton of a world-recognized standard aimed at reducing the pressure on the environment through good cotton practice and improving the livelihood and livelihood levels of farmers. In this way, it is ensured that farmers produce at internationally recognized standards in the fields of pesticide use, effective use of water resources, improving soil health and increasing the welfare of agricultural workers.

This is only one aspect of sustainable fashion. Another aspect is the controlled use of resources. Improperly used resources disrupt the ecological balance of nature, causing scarcity over time. The understanding of sustainable fashion requires many traceable certifications and regular audits, including the use of controlled resources from start to finish.

In such a sensitive process, you can safely use the product which you know does not contain any harmful chemicals when you receive the product.