Who Made My Clothes

Join the "Who Made My Clothes" Movement!


The move initiated by www.fashionrevolution.org is through our questioning what we wear for an ethically fair, safe and more transparent fashion industry.

Our clothes go through many stages from the farmer to reach us. The prosperity of the manufacturer, the working of the employees under ethical conditions, the production and certification of the clothes with sustainable fabrics, is a great journey that affects the health and future of all of us.

In China, Bangladesh and many other countries, there are destructions caused by the fast fashion sense. When we consider the size of the textile industry, almost 75 million people are working to produce our clothes. There are workers who work long hours, with very low salary and no guarantees due to many companies that want to sell more products to the wider audience quickly. That’s why, local production is so valuable.

With the Who made my clothes movement, sustainable companies work with a more transparent working policy throughout the production process. Anyone who purchases clothes can see who made their clothes, made of what materials, and all their certificates through these companies. Fashion Revolution offers us a 3-step approach in this regard: Wonder. Learn. Act Now.

Where is it made? Are production materials sustainable? You can find all these questions’ answers by looking at the label of the product you bought. You can request information for companies where you bought clothes via social media or e-mail. You can support ethical and sustainable brands. Instead of following the ever-changing fashion, you can shop from brands with timeless and long-lasting quality fabrics. Remember that you will also support those who work under good conditions.

As Hip + Happen, we share our employees and certificates in the production process both on our social media and on our website, and support this movement with our timeless and sustainable clothes!